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Specifics: The Real Ghostbusters VHS Series

Die Echten Ghostbusters was a Line of VHS Tapes released in Germany by RCA Columbia Pictures International Video in 1989 and featured a different Dub for all 21 of the Released Episodes. The Dub is notorious for it's rather loose translation of the Dialogue and also for adding extra jokes with the subject of "Bananas". German Fans jokingly call the Dub for these Jokes the "Bananen Synchro" (Banana Dub)

Translation Credits

Dubbing: in Hamburg, Germany

List of Releases

There were several Releases of these 21 Episodes. First there were seven VHS Tapes for purchase each featuring 2 episodes, at the same time there were the same 7 Tapes but with 3 episodes instead of 2. However they were only available as Rental-Tapes in Local Video Rental Stores. Later when the series was broadcasted on german Televisions there were 7 more Tapes each containing one episode which could only be purchased in Bundles with the german Toyline to the Series.

For Purchase and Rental

Bundled with the Toyline

More on the bundles can be found here.

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