Dixie[2] was a temp secretary who was hired by the Ghostbusters to replace Janine Melnitz while she was on vacation.


Dixie turned out to be a ghost. On her second day, she fell in love with Egon Spengler and wanted to marry him. Her two brothers were there to make sure that the wedding took place (and took the Ghostbusters' throwers so that they wouldn't try to blast them). In order to get married, Egon had to die so that he would be a ghost.

Instead, Egon feigned his death and had Slimer pretend to be his ghost. Slimer tried to make Dixie change her mind by playing "music" (which was actually scraping his slimy finger across a board to make awful squeaky noises) and then giving her Wolfsbane flowers that made her face melt (some supernatural entities have an allergic reaction to Wolfsbane). When Dixie didn't care despite those things, Slimer gave her a big sloppy kiss, making Dixie no longer want to marry Egon. Dixie called off the wedding and vacated through a portal with her brothers and guests.


Dixie can go into a mist form, shapeshift to an extent, and hypnotize humans.


  • Dixie was a terrible secretary. She couldn't find "D" on the computer's keyboard and messages she took were written in gibberish.
  • Dixie loves chocolate.[3]
  • On page two of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #14, Dixie makes a non-canon cameo as one of the guests at the wedding.


The Real Ghostbusters


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