In "Dog Days", Fred attends a one-day Obedience School, but soon discovers that the place is like a military boot camp, run by Bruiser.[2]



Mrs. Van Huego


Mrs. Stone



Mrs. Van Huego's Limousine


Happy Tails Obedience School


Slimer was flying down a street when a familiar limousine passed by: Mrs. Van Huego's limousine. He saw Fred in the rear pleading for help. Van Huego pulled Fred down and assured him he would have a wonderful time at obedience school. Fred wasn't so sure. They arrived at Happy Tails Obedience School. Fred clung to the back seats then the passenger door but Van Huego managed to drag him to the school entrance. Mrs. Stone answered and promised to whip Fred into shape in no time. Slimer listened from behind a tree and grew concerned for Fred. Stone summoned Bruiser. He rammed into the wall twice before successfully locating the doggie door. Stone ordered him to take Fred to the others. Slimer got an idea and hid in a supply closet. Slimer used a mop and duster to disguise himself as a Puli dog.

Slimer lined up next to Fred and revealed his secret identity. Stone ordered Bruiser to start the obstacle course. The dogs clumsily moved through the course and made Bruiser laugh. Slimer spooked Fred and he jumped over a log wall. Slimer blew a razz berry at Bruiser. Bruiser was angered and charged after him. Luckily, Bruiser slipped on a pile of slime and fell over a ledge into a river. A log nailed Bruiser and he went down a waterfall. A branch bounced him right into Stone's office. Stone, in turn, punted Bruiser outside. The dogs next lesson was fetching. Bruiser activated a machine that shot out rolled up newspapers. Slimer grabbed one, noted it was a Tuesday, and ate it. Bruiser got angry again. Slimer messed with the machine and it launched tons of newspapers at the school. Stone was soon buried in them. She ordered Bruiser to deal with Fred or he was fired.

Mrs. Van Huego arrived and Fred jumped into her arms. She promised to bring Fred back the next day. Stone and Bruiser assured her that wasn't necessary, Fred completed every course and fulfilled all the requirements for graduation. They handed Fred his diploma and boarded up the school in a hurry. Van Huego was proud of Fred and had the driver pop the trunk. It was filled with goodies for him. Slimer rubbed up against Mrs. Van Huego. She let Fred down so the strange dog could share his bone. Slimer and Fred happily nibbled on the bone.


  • The episode was recorded on August 3, 1988.[3]
  • Mrs. Stone adds magna cum laude to Fred's diploma, a Latin term for above average grades and performance.
  • Later in Extreme Ghostbusters, an episode reuses the title "Dog Days".

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