Not to be confused with Donald from the Junior Ghostbusters

Donald [1] [2] was shown helping the Hotel manager throughout the Ghostbusters' first bust in the Sedgewick Hotel.


After the Ghostbusters went into the Alhambra Ballroom and locked the doors from the inside, the Hotel manager and Donald stood guard outside. Once, the Ghostbusters started tossing tables around to clear room for a Trap, the Hotel manager sent Donald to retrieve Mr. Smith to open the doors. The manager had him stand to the side by the left door after he returned with Smith.


  • The manager calls him Dalton but the "Donald" in the line, "Donald, stand over there!" does not appear in the subtitle track for the 1999 DVD. It does in the 2005 DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • The position "Assistant manager" was used in the novelization of Ghostbusters, along with: the manager, the assistant manager, the maintenance man, and the locksmith were suggested outside the door (of the Ballroom). [3] In the movie, his position is unconfirmed.

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