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Donkey ghost is a donkey-like ghost wearing a sailor outfit released from the Containment Unit during a bust involving a Banshee and Siren.


The Donkey ghost is an entity captured in an undisclosed bust by either the original Ghostbusters or the Extreme Ghostbusters. In 1997, it was one of two ghosts that escaped while Roland Jackson was trying to free the Banshee. It can fly and breathe fire. Combined with the gaseous breath of the Gas ghost, it could create an explosion.

Janine Melnitz intervened and tried to trap the Donkey ghost with the experimental Ghost Vacuum. When it escaped the device's hold, it was recaptured by Eduardo Rivera, when he acrobatically tossed out a trap. The others agreed it was dumb luck rather than skill, much to Eduardo's delight. While Egon Spengler re-secured the containment grid, the others went after Roland and the Glostic Sisters.



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