Douglas Murray [1] was an English Egyptologist who suffered a streak of bad luck after acquiring a cursed tomb.


In 1910, in Cairo, Douglas Murray purchased the tomb of an Egyptian princess, from the temple of Ammon-Ra in Thebes, from a sickly American. It turned out the princess was associated with the Cult of the Dead and her tomb was protected by a curse. Murray was unaware and wrote a check to the American. A friend told Murray about the curse but he thought it was just superstition and ignored the warning.

Three days later, Murray's hand exploded in his hand for no reason. After weeks of pain, Murray's arm was amputated at the elbow. While on the way back to London, two of Murray's friends mysteriously died then two Egyptian servants who dealt with the case died. Murray got rid of the case and gave it to a woman he was friends with. In the ensuing weeks, the woman's mother died, her lover left her, and she became ill with a strange wasting disease. Murray donated the mummy to the British Museum. Photographers began dropping dead. The museum secretly decided to ship the exhibit to a museum in New York. The exhibit never made it to New York. The ship it was on sank. It was the Titanic.


Marvel Comics Ltd- The Real Ghostbusters Series


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