Not to be confused with Doctor McCatheter from The Real Ghostbusters

Dr. Cleese [1] is a psychiatrist who works at the Parkview Psychiatric Hospital.


Dr. Cleese was one of the staff who presided over Janosz Poha. Cleese was disappointed when Janosz had a full-fledged break just as he was close to becoming a productive member of society again. Cleese was unaware Janosz allowed himself to become possessed by Idulnas in order to protect his family from recrimination. He went to visit Janosz in his room to ask him about the design he painted on the wall that kept bleeding through each new paint job. Janosz went into a rant about damning four to save two. Cleese exited Janosz' room and returned to his office. He called the Ghostbusters after hearing about them on the radio. Cleese spoke with Kylie Griffin and asked for a consultation regarding Janosz and his arcane design. Kylie scheduled an appointment for the next day in the afternoon.

Dr. Cleese met Kylie and showed her to some of Janosz' paintings. She confirmed his suspicions were right and they were basically bad mojo. Cleese was still surprised Kylie was the Ghostbuster who came to consult. When Cleese inquired how old she was and if she knew how to use the equipment, Kylie told him off and demanded to be taken to see Janosz.



IDW Comics


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