Dr. Mulch[2] is a scientist that attempted to explore the New Jersey Parallelogram.


After the seventh vessel disappeared 130 miles west of Ambrose Light, an area inhabited by the notorious New Jersey Parallelogram, Dr. Mulch sought to initiate an expedition and find it. Mulch was confident of this expedition after purchasing several "Venkman's Ghost Repellers" from Jim Venkman and being guaranteed they would render the crew immune to the Parallelogram's power. Mulch's ship, the M.S. Applegon departed from Pier 70 at night. The Coast Guard was concerned Applegon was overdue for return on Tuesday but retained radio contact. Eight hours after Mulch and the crew became the latest victims of the Parallelogram, a Coast Guard captain approached the Ghostbusters and convinced them to join in the rescue mission.

Jim Venkman saw the news report of Applegon's disappearance. Feeling guilty, Venkman departed for the East River Marina and rented a speedboat. He entered the Parallelogram and found Mulch and the Applegon. However, Jim was unable to get close enough to Applegon. The Coast Guard and Ghostbusters later found Applegon and towed them back to reality. Mulch noticed Jim's speedboat but Jim was nowhere in sight. The Ghostbusters went back, alone, into the Parallelogram for him.


The Real Ghostbusters


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