Dr. Quienes [1] is a medical physician working at a hospital in Cayey, Puerto Rico.


The hospital was notified by the FBI field office in San Juan about an agent coming to interview one of their most recent patients, Miguel Castillo, as part of an ongoing investigation. Dr. Quienes notified the nurses that he wanted to speak with the agent first. On May 12, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz, Egon Spengler, and Kylie Griffin drove to the hospital and met with Dr. Quienes. He wanted to warn her that Miguel suffered head trauma and was spouting nonsense about ghosts. Kylie revealed they were the Ghostbusters and ghosts were why they came. Quienes wrote Kylie a prescription for Clozapine, an anti-psychotic drug. Melanie cleared things up and said they just wanted to see if Miguel saw anything that could point them in the right direction. Quienes stated his conscience was clear and gave his consent to interview Miguel but ordered the nurses to only allow them 10 minutes to speak with Miguel since he still needed his rest.


  • Dr. Quienes is visually based on Joe Ward, a local artist. [2]
  • Quienes is Spanish for "Who" and is Erik Burnham's nod to Rachael Stott's main job on the Doctor Who comic.
  • Kylie, while not fluent in Spanish, still thought Dr. Quienes sounded like a jerk.


IDW Comics


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