Dr. Rutherford is an Assisting Curator at the Museum of Natural History. He appears in the Museum of (Super)Natural History Level (realistic version) and Museum of (Super)Natural History Level (stylized version) levels.


Realistic Version

While Peter Venkman distracted Walter Peck at the World of Gozer Exhibit opening reception, Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, and the Rookie entered the museum's service entrance. They were set to meet up with Dr. Rutherford but he is nowhere to be seen. The Ghostbusters come upon a box and hear some odd moaning. After blasting it open, they find Rutherford inside. As Rutherford and the Ghostbusters wait for the elevator, they are attacked by a Possessor Ghost. Rutherford reveals this is the ghost that terrorized him earlier.

After The Chairman crashes the opening gala and kidnaps Ilyssa Selwyn, Ray comes up with a plan to man the security cameras to triangulate the ghost's position on the monitors and guide the team. Ray has Rutherford escort him to the security office. However, they are attacked by a Possessor. Ray is possessed again and Rutherford is scared off. They reunite once Ray shakes the ghost off and they find a different security office in better working condition.

Stylized Version

Much like the Realistic Version, the Ghostbusters find a box and hear some moaning. The box is moving and is covered in Black Slime. After neutralizing the slime and blasting the box, the Ghostbusters escort Rutherford to the elevator. Along the way, a Snot Hag and Wayward Possessor attacks the group.


  • After the Rookie frees Rutherford, the doctor mentions he is a big fan of the Ghostbusters and once had them make a celebrity appearance at his daughter's birthday party a couple years ago.[1] This references the post title sequence scene at the beginning of Ghostbusters II with Ray and Winston providing entertainment at a child's party.



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