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The Dream Analyzer Helmet is an apparatus used by the Ghostbusters to study data given off by those who have a precognitive episode.


During the Connla incident, Kylie Griffin had a precognitive dream after she was accidentally given a mental link to the entity when it was atomized and holding her at the same time. In the dream, she learned of the threat posed by his army. She went to the Firehouse and shared her experience while she wore the analyzer helmet. Egon Spengler noticed some strange readings but lied and told her there was nothing to worry about but reiterated they took dreams seriously. Peter Venkman contended he didn't take any of his seriously then pointed out both the entity and Kylie were Irish. Egon doubted a cultural connection but Kylie remembered her great grandfather picked out her family's surname when he immigrated to America because it had a nice ring to it. Kylie realized something and rushed off to double check a theory. Janine Melnitz called out to leave the helmet at the front desk.