Dream Creatures[1] are inanimate objects transmogrified and animated by Morpheus.


Appearing first in the domain of dreams, a creation of Morpheus emerged in the nightmare of Frank Fitzgivens as a giant envelope with a mouth. As Morpheus' form neared completion above the roof of the WKYR 519.6 Station, the possessed Barry Sherman blasted the ventilation system and radio tower, creating more monstrosities. The ventilation system morphed into an elephant-like monster. The tower remained in place and swatted at the Ghostbusters. Another insect-like monster was created, too. To make matters worse, the Proton Streams had little effect on them. Once Morpheus was trapped, the creations reverted to normal.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Melching, Steven (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters "In Your Dreams" (Final Draft April 5, 1997) (Script Cast List). Line reads: "Dream Creatures - Electrical cables, an air conditioner, window washing platform, and radio tower that transforms into various animal-like creatures, while maintaining their mechanical look."



Primary Canon

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