Duane and Wendal[2][3] are a pair of nitwits from Spittoon.


When the people of Spittoon were at a stalemate about dealing with Black Bart, the Mayor of Spittoon offered a reward to anyone who could get rid of the ghost. Duane and Wendal were the only ones who volunteered. Duane took the Mayor's bag of gold and cooked up a scheme to hire the Ghostbusters. They took a flight to New York City and met the Ghostbusters right in the airport. However, they got in the way and the Airport Roamer escaped capture. Initially, the Ghostbusters didn't want to hear the pair's pitch but once Duane mentioned gold, Peter was all ears. The other townspeople weren't too pleased Duane and Wendal brought in outsiders but the Ghostbusters helped train them. Duane and Wendal joined the other Deputy Ghostbusters and stood up to Black Bart in the final showdown.


The Real Ghostbusters


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