Earl was put in Mrs. Potter's back by another ghost, which at the time was near one of the Ghost Portal Mirrors. He appeared in the 2016 movie.


One day as Rowan was walking the halls of The Mercado Hotel, Mrs. Potter stopped him to report a strange goo coming in from the top of the doorway for her place. She also noted a rash like event, which it turned out to be Earl. Rowan didn't note Earl a ghost being in her back and agreed it was a rash. He agreed to get cream for it.

Later, Rowan went to the basement and scolded the specters in the mirrors in the basement; Blaming one of them for putting Earl in her back.


  • It is suggested that not all the specters in the mirrors were trapped on the other side, some were able to escape to the hotel. However, Rowan wanted them to stay put to the big event he was planning.