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Not to be confused with Ecto-2 that appeared on The Real Ghostbusters

The Ecto-2 [1] (also known as Mobile Containment Unit) is a modified recreational vehicle used by the Ghostbusters during a summer for a series of cases across the United States of America. The rest of Ecto-2 contains the standard features of an RV: bathroom, shower, dining area, microwave, kitchen, upper and lower collapsible bunk beds, sofa bed, den and TV area.


In mid-June, the Ghostbusters departed New York aboard Ecto-2 and Ecto-1a. Two days later, Ecto-2 stopped near a Crybaby Bridge and trapped a Crybaby Ghost. Eventually, Ecto-2 arrived in Detroit and was seen driving past the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center. After Detroit, Ecto-2 made its way south and stopped off in Arkansas. [2] In New Orleans, Ecto-2 was jostled by an angry mob trying to stop them from capturing Marie Laveau. Egon Spengler became concerned if Ecto-2 were turned over, the Portable Ecto-Containment Unit would explode. Peter Venkman climbed up to the roof and doused the crowd in positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. After the Laveau case, Ecto-2 headed west and stopped in Roswell then north to Seattle. On way home, Ecto-2 stopped off in Chicago. By the end of summer, Ecto-2 and the Ghostbusters returned home to New York. Ecto-2 was parked in the alleyway to the left of the Firehouse.

After recapturing Ellen Gold and the Crybaby Ghost, Peter, Ray and Egon took Ecto-2 in search of Winston, who fled the Firehouse for Tiyah's Apartment. They followed Ecto-5's tracking device and found Winston outside the apartment complex. During the Chi-You incident, Ecto-2 was utilized due to the amount of extra bodies. Namely, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Michelangelo was stoked by the set up and wanted to have a similar van back home. They set out for the Madison Square Garden after getting a call from the police. As Winston drove closer, Ray picked up definite P.K.E. readings inside the Garden. Donatello ran out ahead of the others inside.


The rear interior of Ecto-2 contains a cache of equipment, including a charge station, Ecto Containment Unit Laser Grid, Data Banks, Proton Pack Dock, a Portable Ecto-Containment Unit, Data Grid, Shelf, and Wardrobe. Traveling in an RV reduces the theoretical risk of hauling the equipment in an airplane and through various drops in air pressure.

The exterior has isolated power conduits that allows for faster transference of energy. The roof is equipped with a police lightbar, GPS tracker/satellite network receiver, cyclotron, Ectoplasm filtration cistern, an Enhanced Muon Trap feeding directly into the Containment Unit, Ionization dispersion vents, whip antenna, ECU power cell, and an EMR Emission transmitter



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