Not to be confused with Ecto-4 from NOW Comics The Real Ghostbusters.

The Ecto-4WD is the ectomobile of Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. It is driven by Geoff.


Primary Canon

The Ecto-4WD became the primary transportation of the Ghostbusters senior team before the events of Dumazu's resurrection. It does engage in communications mostly to and from the Firehouse and can get a remote fix on the Ghostbusters. During the Dumazu incident, Ecto-4WD crashed three times, while transporting the junior team, in the streets of New York City. The first crash was into a fire hydrant while fleeing from ghosts. The second was due to an earthquake generated by the Subway Smasher. The third was another fissure caused by the Huge Spider and its Giant Spiders.

Secondary Canon

Dimension 50-S

After Alan realized Wat stowed away on his flight suit to infiltrate the Firehouse, he issued a code red and notified Geoff. Geoff stored their gear in Ecto-4WD and picked up the Sanctum of Slime Ghostbusters from the New York City Public Library then drove them back to the Firehouse. Since it was code red, Geoff exercised caution and drove to Philadelphia until the threat was over. Alan and Bridget took a case despite their shift being over and drove to the Calvin Home on Staten Island in Ecto-4WD.

Physical Description

The Ecto-4WD is basically a utilitarian vehicle that the Ghostbusters ride in both the back, and on top of.


While the vehicle looks like a standard clunker, it has some very good maneuvering abilities as shown Level 4 and Level 8 of Sanctum of Slime.


During the early proposal stage, Javier Martinez submitted a concept design that portrayed Ecto-4WD as a modified truck.[1]



Primary Canon

Secondary Canon



Primary Canon

Secondary Canon

Non Canon

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