Ecto-4 [1] is a modified miniature helicopter.


Ecto-4 was brought along on the deck of Marine Ecto-8, kept under a tarp, when the Ghostbusters were called to Ellis Island. Several Pirate Ghosts dispersed by Jillian Holtzmann quickly reintegrated into a single entity due in part to the presence of a dimensional tear above the island. Ray Stantz flew back to the battle on Ecto-4 with the Megatrap in tow. He captured the Megaspook with the Megatrap after Erin Gilbert blasted it with the Proton Bazooka. Rigged to explode, Ray dropped the Megatrap into the dimensional tear. The controlled explosion sealed the tear but Ecto-4 was caught in blast wave and the tail caught on fire. Ray was forced to jump and landed in a tree.


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