The Ecto-Bomber is an aircraft owned by the Ghostbusters and used for paranormal captures.


During an undisclosed point in the 1980s to 90s, the Ghostbuster purchased an early 20th century bomber aircraft and fixed it up. It was then re-designed in the motif of the Ghostbusters and armed with equipment such as a mounted proton cannon in front of the pilot's windshield and bombs under the wing tips. The aircraft was stored in a Manhattan warehouse rather than the Firehouse. It appears Ecto-2 was the team's primary form of air power while the Ecto-Bomber was secondary and used only on special occasions.

While attempting to recapture the Sleaze and also his brother the Glob, the Ghostbusters were overpowered by their combined form, the Slob. Ecto-2 was disabled in the first battle. Upon returning to Manhattan from New Jersey, the Ghostbusters stopped at their storage warehouse. Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler flew the Ecto-Bomber as pilot and co-pilot, respectively. However, the firepower of the Ecto-Bomber was also unable to contain the Slob. Egon suggested splitting the brothers up, leading to a more elaborate trap rather than direct combat.


  • The Ecto-Bomber was released as a toy made by Kenner. The name comes from the toy, but it was not mentioned in the episode it appeared in. Luckily, the visual similarity is strong.
  • The Zapper Gun and Stun Bombs from the toy version are incorporated into this animated version except the Grabber Claw is omitted.
  • A skeleton pilots a version of the Ecto-Bomber in the (non-canon) Pilot episode.


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