The Ecto-Garbage Truck is an old junkyard garbage truck that was used in in the final battle against S.I.D.N.E.E..


Ray Stantz quickly converted a whole fleet of garbage trucks in order to trap the 723 highlander and lowlander ghosts from the Battle of Dunkeld. He used $1000 to $2000 worth of electronics equipment, including Degaussing wires. After all the ghosts were trapped, Ray instructed the villagers of Dunkeld to bury the trucks and keep the wires connected to storage batteries until the ghosts de-resolved. [1] [2]

In need of more powerful equipment to fight S.I.D.N.E.E., the Ghostbusters purchased two vehicles from Honest Irv's Wrecking Yard in November 1997. One was a garbage truck. It was converted into a very large Ghost Trap on wheels. The actual trap can be activated by controlled by a remote controller. However, during its one time of use, it had issues working. After Winston Zeddemore gave the truck a few hits, the trap activated and captured S.I.D.N.E.E. in an instant.



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