Ecto-Glow Hero Figure: Peter Venkman an action figure which is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line's Ecto-Glow Heroes set. Based on The Real Ghostbusters animated series Peter Venkman.

This toy was exclusively sold in America and was the last group released by Kenner. Note, that Jocsa of Argentina released it's own exclusive group of toys which reused the classic mold like this group and the two group before it.

The Ecto-Glow Heroes group also included Egon, Ray, Louis, and Winston.

The group of toys is rather rare due to the limited release. Note the Glow Copter Vehicle promoted on the back of the cards, which was a tie-in vehicle toy, is believed to have not been released.

Toy Descriptions

Peter Venkman
with Nutrona Blaster and Proton Pack
and mask
and Spider Ghost

Front of Card Notes

Glows In The Dark!

Back of Card Instruction

1. Put the Proton Pack on the figure's back, the Nutrona Blaster on his arm and the mask over his face. Expose figure and ghost to light. Turn off the light so you can see them glow in the dark. Twist the handle on the weapon for a zapping ray action on the captured ghost.
2. Snap the Nutrona Blaster onto the side of the Proton Pack for storage.

Series Description

Description from Hot! Hot! Hot! Toy Fair 1991 (toy dealer catalog):
"Now kids can enter the ghost world with The Real Ghostbusters Ecto-Glow Heroes! Just turn off the lights and watch them shine! Each figure comes with a hero backpack, mask, Nutrona Blaster and unique companion ghost!"


  • Some of the promotion photos suggest Peter came with Winston's Wrapper Ghost, while others suggested Egon's Jail Jaw Ghost.
  • Spider Ghost was first released with Super Fright Feature Figure: Egon Spengler; for which it was greenish-yellow.
    • Note that it was shortened in name in this version from "Slimy Spider Ghost" to "Spider Ghost".
  • This version Peter was featured in photos of unreleased Playset: Egon's Lab in Hot! Hot! Hot! Toy Fair 1991, Tomart's Action Figure Digest No. 52, and Tomart's Action Figure Digest No. 92.
  • The unreleased Glow Copter Vehicle featured Peter in photos and a illustration piloting the device.


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