The Ecto-Ichi[1] is an extremely high tech six wheeled Ectomobile used by the Ghostbusters in Japan.


When Nori-ra manifested in Tokyo Bay, the Ghostbusters were brought to Tokyo to investigate and eliminate the threat. Chief Inspector Ogata provided the team with transportation, Ecto-Ichi. It is capable of flight and traveling on water. Much to the dismay of the Ghostbusters, everything was labeled in Japanese forcing them to push buttons at random to activate one of Ichi's many cutting edge features: microphone, a loudspeaker system, mini-phone, laser disc player, CD player, stereo, onboard computer, fax machine, and other forms of the latest Japanese electronic equipment.[2] The Ghostbusters' No Ghost logo is fashioned with a samurai motif on Ecto-Ichi.

When the last celluloid monster manifested, Lizardo, the team needed to power into the Tokyo Television Tower. However, before the Proton Packs could reach full power, Lizardo began to wander out of range. Kenji, an eyewitness and new ally, took matters into his own hands and taunted Lizardo with Ecto-Ichi's loudspeaker system. Lizardo responded by stepping on Ecto-Ichi and rendering it a total loss.


  • "Ichi" is Japanese for the number one.
  • Ecto-Ichi is one of the few "Ecto-" vehicles not built by one or more of the Ghostbusters.


The Real Ghostbusters


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