Not to be confused with the vehicle that the Junior Ghostbusters use also called the Ecto-Junior.

The Ecto-Junior [1] is a modified hearse used by the Ghostbusters in Blukenporken It was basically the same as the Ecto-1 in features.


After a rather horrific drive, Winston Zeddemore relieved Boris of his driving duties. He modified Boris' hearse with Ecto-1's parts and christened it "Ecto-Junior." The Ghostbusters drove around Blukenporken to take P.K.E. readings and gather evidence that Count Von Blukenporken was a Vampire.


  • The only thing Ecto-Junior lacked was a siren. Slimer mimicked the sound of the siren.
  • The No Ghost logo on the front passenger door changed its look.


The Real Ghostbusters


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