Not to be confused with the Molecular Destabilizing Suit

The Ecto-Suit[1] is a hazardous materials outfit used by the Ghostbusters to investigate foreign environments.


Ray Stantz pursued his desire to go to an alternate dimension that he was free to move around in and volunteered to take fresh P.K.E. readings from the home of an alternate team of Ghostbusters in order to identify the controlling entity responsible for their current situation. Ray put on the Ecto-Suit and passed through the portal generated by the Interspatial Teleportation Unit. In order to keep the portal in flux and open for an easy exit, Winston Zeddemore held onto the Ecto-Suit's tether. The others were able to monitor readings taken by Ray, watch a live feed from the suit's camera, and communicate with him across dimensions. Ray eavesdropped on the alterate Janine Melnitz and increased the volume on his suit so the others could hear her, too. Ray learned of Proteus and the Erie but he met the alternate Slimer. Slimer freaked out and flew off, sliming the suit. Ray quickly ran to the portal and avoided detection by Janine. Egon Spengler told Ray to burn the suit.


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