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Often seen on Ray Stantz's belt, the Ecto Goggles are designed to allow the wearer to see invisible ghosts and visually track P.K.E. valences. The Ecto Goggles were first used by Ray at the Sedgewick Hotel on the Ghostbusters' first case and were mainly worn by him during the Gozer incident. After Ray sighted Slimer flying around a chandelier, the Ecto Goggles pinged and the readout on the left side went green. A number "01333.5" was displayed. Egon Spengler and Peter Venkman did however wear them briefly in the cases that followed. Egon wore his at the 122 Mulberry Street bust. Peter wore his at the Rockefeller Plaza.

Ghostbusters II

The Ecto Goggles are worn a few times by Ray. They are used by Ray when he and Peter Venkman go on a stakeout to catch the Jogger Ghost. Ray hung his Ecto Goggles with a Trap on the right side of his Pistol Belt when the Ghostbusters filmed their new commercial, when they investigated the Manhattan Museum of Art, and when they arrived at the museum on New Year's Eve.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

During the Shandor incident on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the Ecto-Goggles (also called Paragoggles; the two names seem interchangeable) serve a much more prominent role in the tracking and capture of ectoplasmic entities. Each one of the Ghostbusters, (even Winston) can be seen wearing and using the goggles at some point in time. During cases, the P.K.E. Meter and the Ecto-Goggles work in concert to track and display P.K. Energy and Ectoplasmic phenomena in a way that is visually comprehensible and easy to understand; even for a Rookie.

Secondary Canon History

IDW Comics

Ray and Rookie are often the only Ghostbusters wearing the Ecto Goggles. During the Marie Laveau II case, Winston used a pair. In search of a Class 7 on the East Side, the Ghostbusters came upon the Emmanuel Baptist Church but were locked out. They opted to blow a hole in the building. As a precautionary measure, Ray tried out his Ecto Goggles' new thermal imaging feature and checked if it was all clear on the other side. He later examined Donatello with the goggles on. A new type was employed in the initial encounter with the Sandman. The Ghostbusters employed a new type of Ecto Goggles, equipped with night vision, while on Poveglia. Ecto Goggles were handed out to 101 Cadets for their assignment to temporarily neutralize the Manhattan network of Ley Lines and give the Ghostbusters enough time to trap the Bronx Spook. With the Ecto Goggles on, the Ley Lines was visible to the human eye and appeared as a white glow. The Ecto Goggles came of particular use during the Fort Washington Park case. One of its settings helped cut through some of the fog generated by the Doom Ghost.[1]

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

Ray wears a pair of Ecto Goggles while he and the team trap the 9.5th ghost in a row due to supernatural activity caused by the Relic of Nilhe.

Ghostbusters: The RPG

In the roleplaying game released by West End games, the Ecto Goggles are also said to have infrared Night Vision capabilities.


Secondary Canon

IDW Comics

The Ecto Goggles are capable of tracking down a specific entity by the psychokinetic energy it emits. They are also equipped with night vision and can allow sight of a ghost that has rendered itself invisible to the naked eye.[2]

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