Ectocontainment™ is a branch off of Ghostbusters International fan site that is owned and maintained by Richard Roy. It is the new place for all items and information relating to The Real Ghostbusters.

Idea and Conception of Ectocontainment™

Information was submitted by Richard Roy himself to us via email. Do not edit.

"Originally (in 2007 at the earliest) it was a small section or what I called a subsite of GBI. It was the "company's" The Real Ghostbusters site aimed at adults who grew up with the RGBs and for a younger generation who could get into RGBs because of older fans. Back then I wanted to have a Ghostbusters site w/o having an entirely separate site. With a renewed interest in The Real Ghostbusters during 2010 and in 2011 I wanted a The Real Ghostbusters website that could be expanded upon from the original concept." (Richard Roy)


Ectocontainment™ was formed from The Real Ghostbusters section on Ghostbusters International website, which itself started a Real Ghostbusters section 2008.[2]

Richard then came up with the idea to split The Real Ghostbusters section into its own site in early 2009,[3] but wasn't officially opened til April 23, 2011.[4]


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