Edward Kirilian is an old friend of Egon Spengler, this madman was able to trap normal, weak ghosts under his control. His goal was to open a portal to Ghost realm, but he ended up sucked in it.


At some unspecified time, Edward Kirilian and Egon Spengler worked together at the same university. Both shared the same passion and believed in the paranormal. Kirilian even owned one of the three famed Toltec Skulls. Egon respected Kirilian in the beginning. However, Kirilian's theories became increasingly dangerous. He believed he could control the spirits and wanted to use them as a source of slave labor. Egon made his stand against it and the two had a falling out. Soon after, Kirilian lost his job at the university. Kirilian went into seclusion and made his theory a reality, but lost his grip on reality as a result. He called it the "Collar of Obedience." The devices worked and Kirilian enslaved a few dozen ghosts. He took on the title of "The Evil One."

In order to secure a larger supply of spirit and even demonic slaves, Kirilian concluded he needed to open a portal to the Netherworld. After studying an old Toltec legend, he realized a laser beam would energize the three Toltec Skulls when shot through them. They would then emit a subatomic vibrational pulse and create a cross-dimensional rift. Kirilian still needed the other two skulls and a laser gun.

Kirilian forced a trio of spirits to steal the LB-7 laser prototype from Bright Wave High Tech Industries and the other two Toltec Skulls. He soon realized the Ghostbusters would discover his plans and staged an attack at his home in New Jersey. When the Ghostbusters arrived, Kirilian pretended to be attacked by ghosts and killed in an explosion. The Ghostbusters continued to investigate and tracked some strong emanations from a Civil Defense tunnel underneath an abandoned junior high school. Kirilian dispatched his ghosts to kidnap Egon. Egon sabotaged Kirilian's computer which reversed the flow of the portal. Kirilian was saved by Egon but Kirilian willingly let go. One of the spirit slaves grabbed Kirilian and took him to the Netherworld as the portal closed.


Extreme Ghostbusters


Kirilian is voiced by John DeLancie who played the character "Q" on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation


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