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In Egon's Ghost, when Egon is accidentally zapped by one of his own inventions on a bust, he becomes, for all intents and purposes, a ghost. Can the Ghostbusters build a replacement before Egon fades into oblivion?[2]


Egon Spengler

Peter Venkman

Ray Stantz

Winston Zeddemore



Janine Melnitz

Granny Candy

Glutton Ghost

Little Dinosaur Ghost

Ballroom Ghost

Subway Ghost Trio

Conjoined Ghost

Haunted Blimp

Dancing Specters

Terror Dog



Imprisoned Demons



Proton Pack

Particle Thrower



Dimensional Inverter

P.K.E. Meter


Ecto Goggles

Electrical Gloves


Molecular Phase Amplifier

Displacement Wristwatch



Granny's Yum Yum Candy


Thole's Keep


The Ghostbusters fought against Arzun, a demon from the Netherworld, high atop what was left of a building section. Egon waited as the others blasted Arzun. Ray threw out a Ghost Trap and gave Egon the signal. Egon ran closer to Arzun and fired his Destabilizer rifle. However, a powerful blast from Arzun overpowered the beam and sent it back to Egon and he was vaporized. The others quickly confined and trapped Arzun. They ran to Egon and only his equipment was left. At the Firehouse, Slimer played music using a portion of his abdomen to which Janine found disgusting. The guys arrived and delivered the bad news.

However, they heard Egon's voice and saw him standing in the opposite side of the garage bay. Janine ran up to hug him but she went right through him. The energy backlash destabilized Egon's molecular structure - a complete proto-ectoplasmic conversion. Egon was a ghost. Basically. At Ray's suggestion, Egon attempted to solidify and grab something but it didn't work out. Egon then asserted the destabilization process was continuing and he had 24 hours before he discorporated completely.

In Egon's lab, everyone was huddled around Ray as he made some projections. Ray declared they could construct a Molecular Phase Amplifier to save Egon. It had a projected cost of $78,632. Everyone was deflated by the news. Janine reminded them their cash flow was not doing well at the moment. Peter countered it was time make some more money.

The Ghostbusters investigated Granny's Yum Yum Candy factory for a ghost that was ruining Granny Candy's production schedule. While Egon sensed for the ghost's location, it burst out of some boxes. Peter was knocked onto a conveyor belt and hit in the face with chocolate. Ray and Winston accidentally shot a syrup vat and were caught up in the stuff. Egon sneaked up on the ghost and spooked him. The ghost took off and Ray trapped him as he passed over. As the guys celebrated, Egon moaned in pain. Time was running out. The guys proceeded to more busts - a little dinosaur ghost, a purple ghost in a ballroom, a trio of ghosts haunting a subway train, a conjoined ghost, a haunted blimp, and a disco full of dancing ghosts.

As Ray put the finishing touches on the Molecular Phase Amplifier, Egon began to fully discorporate. Ray blasted him with the Amplifier but it didn't work and Egon vanished. Ray took P.K.E. readings and realized Egon was still alive, just that the Amplifier ray reversed the polarity of the neutron flow in Egon's disintegrating wave structure. As a result, Egon was shifted to the Netherworld. Peter and Winston said that it's a nasty place filled with bad demons like the one they battled earlier and lost souls that couldn't make it to higher realms. Ray asserted there was no way they could cross over and save Egon since the Netherworld was on another dimensional plane. Ray said you can't get into the Netherworld unless you're a ghost and you can't get out of the Netherworld unless you're a very powerful demon. Janine "convinced" Ray to try harder to think of a way to save Egon.

Ray reworked the Amplifier to send the three of them to the Netherworld, but for only an hour. Once time was up, Ray's wristwatch was set to bring back four spirits to the physical plane but only four, no more, no less. Which meant they either had to come back with Egon or not come back at all. Once the trio arrived, Ray cautioned Peter not to fire the Particle Thrower or risk blowing up the interdimensional structure of the space-time continuum. Winston looked around and asked how big the Netherworld was and Ray answered that it's the size of the known universe. Peter wondered how they'll find Egon inside an hour in a place that big. Ray was confident that they'd be able to do it. Ray then led the search with a P.K.E. Meter attuned to Egon's ethereal vibrations. After a long walk, the guys stopped off at a tree to rest. This awoke a gigantic Terror Dog. As the guys ran for it, Peter learned the Particle Thrower functioned normally. Meanwhile, Ray was cornered by the Terror Dog. Peter blasted it from behind and the dog retreated. Ray looked around and found his P.K.E. Meter, smashed to bits and pieces.

As the guys pondered their next move, a human approached them. He introduced himself as Heronymus and commended them for their magic. They asked Heronymus if he saw Egon. Heronymus revealed he did and agreed to take them to Egon in Thole's Keep in exchange for a favor. Ray agreed and they all set off. Heronymus led them to a hidden passage and took them to the keep's prison. While on the way, Heronymus revealed he was in the Netherworld since 1690. When he tried to summon Arzun and Thole to do his bidding, they dragged him to the Netherworld. At his query, the Ghostbusters informed him of how the world changed since then. Suffice to say, Heronymus was puzzled by the advent of flying machines, moon landings, and computer dating services. Eventually, they found Egon and freed him. They thanked Heronymus for all the help he gave them with finding Egon and asked what they can do for him in return. Heronymus' request was that they take him with them when they return to Earth. The Ghostbusters were distraught because the equipment was configured to bring back no less and no more than four spirits. Which meant that if they returned Heronymous to Earth, one of the Ghostbusters would have to stay in the Netherworld.

The reunion was cut short when Thole and his army of Thons appeared. The Ghostbusters and Heronymus ran for it but came to a stop at a cliff. With time winding down, the Ghostbusters kept the Thons at bay. Each volunteered to stay back in order to fulfill Heronymus' wish to go back to the real world. Touched by their camaraderie, Heronymus turned it down and admitted the world had changed too much. The Netherworld was his home now. Winston strapped his Proton Pack onto Heronymus, saying Heronymous would need it if he was going to stay in the Netherworld and gave him a quick tutorial on operating it. The Ghostbusters teleported away as Heronymus wished them luck.

The Ghostbusters appeared back in Egon's lab. Janine ran up and kissed Egon, confirming he was solid again. They mused about what happened to Heronymus. Back in the Netherworld, Heronymus appeared to have tamed the Terror Dog with his Proton Pack.


  • The episode was recorded on November 5, 1986.[3]
  • The Molecular Phase Amplifier had a projected cost of $78,632.[4][5]
  • Janine mistakes the Netherworld for the Netherlands, a European country.[6]
  • The Ecto Goggles are used by Ray and Winston during the bust montage.
  • Winston comments he hasn't seen a Terror Dog in a long time, most likely referencing the first movie.[7]
  • Heronymus tried to summon Arzun and Thole in 1690 but was pulled into the Netherworld.[8][9][10]
  • Ray spoke the line "reversed the polarity of the neutron flow" twice in the episode. This is a quote from the third, fourth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth doctors in "Doctor Who."[11][12]
  • At the end of the episode, Janine kisses Egon on the lips. She also did so on Extreme Ghostbusters in the episode "The Crawler"
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters International #7, the manner of Egon Spengler's displacement is visually inspired by his counterpart's in this episode.

Animation Errors


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