Egon's Inflatable Raft is a special inflatable raft invented by Egon Spengler.


In his spare time, Egon put together an inflatable raft. Bypassing the time required to pump up a standard raft, the press of a button on the raft's console automatically infolds and inflates it. It has space to fit the four Ghostbusters, Janine Melnitz, Slimer, and Bigfoot. It was utilized when the Ghostbusters had to quickly transport Bigfoot down river to a dimensional rift and return him home. However, the raft was lost when it went into a dangerous leg of rapids and plummeted down the waterfall.


  • On page two of Ghostbusters Issue #11, the Inflatable Raft, unactivated, makes a non-canon cameo on one of the blankets.


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