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Dr. Egon Spengler was one of the original Ghostbusters and was known as the brains of the outfit. He appears in all three animated series which are The Real Ghostbusters, Slimer!, and Extreme Ghostbusters. He usually wore a blue uniform with pink trim. However, due to low color pallets he sometimes wore green or cyan uniform in the comics and promotion items.


Primary Canon History

The Real Ghostbusters

As he is in the movies, animated Egon is the brains of the Ghostbusters. He many times will save the day by coming up with ways to defeat the ghost with a different setting on the equipment. He often assumes tactical command of the Ghostbusters while in the field, usually having the best idea of what they're facing. He keeps to himself mostly. A traumatic experience with the Boogieman as a child served as the impetus for him getting involved in researching the paranormal and finding ways to combat it. Blushing, he confessed once that his mother, nicknamed him "Spookums."

Egon has on occasion displayed a dry sense of humor. He also has little patience for non-scientific ways of approaching matters and frivolity in general. One of the few times he ever showed genuine terror was shortly after a near-death experience by getting knocked off the World Trade Center, saved only by Winston's masterful control of Ecto-2. When believing that his death was imminent in a ploy to stop Ragnarok from occurring, he uttered Janine's name with a slight tone of sorrow and regret.

Egon was often the victim of scientific accidents. While trying to bust a Clock Ghost, he was also hit by the Proton Streams. The atomic structure of every molecule in Egon's body was reversed as a result. He began to age in reverse and was in danger of vanishing from existence if the accident hadn't been reenacted in time by midnight.[3][4][5][6]

Compared to his live action incarnation, RGB Egon is less prone to emotional outbursts and less likely to make a wisecrack. But both are fairly equal in obsessive interests in science and lack of social skills.

Changes Over the Seasons

His appearance changes slightly from RGB to EGB. He changed his hairstyle at some point between Real Ghostbuster to Extreme Ghostbusters from his trademark pompadour and rat tail to a simple pulled back ponytail. His glasses change from rounded frames to more oval shaped.

Egon still wears a variant of his grey RGB coveralls in EGB, this time without the magenta cuffs and collar. In the EGB toyline he's been shown to wear both blue and green colored jumpsuits.

Characteristically he's the same phlegmatic type from RGB. He does seem to have accepted Janine as a regular part of his life, as he's been shown on one occasion holding her and even kissing on another, although that was initiated by Janine.

Extreme Ghostbusters

Egon volunteered to monitor the Containment Unit and other equipment after the Ghostbusters willingly disbanded due to a steep drop in paranormal activity. He lived alone for years maintaining the Firehouse but was accompanied by Slimer. He wrote Spengler's Spirit Guide and began teaching courses in the paranormal. However, at the start of a new semester, a P.K.E. Meter started going off in the Firehouse in reaction to Achira's accidental release. Slimer took it to Egon who was at New York City College teaching students. After getting the meter, Egon went to the site of activity, but no one believed him about the tunnel. He attempted to take on Achira by himself but failed and was infected. With little choice, he trained his four students in ghostbusting and helped with creating new equipment.

After tons of calls, Egon decided it would be best to reopen the Ghostbusters. His role was that of a mentor for the new team of Ghostbusters. For the most part, he usually left the field work to the new members, opting to provide audio back-up from the firehouse and information on their current adversary. He still took to the field on some missions, but with frustration that he was no longer as agile or quick as when he was younger. He was very conscious of being 39 years old.[7]

In an alternate timeline, Egon was murdered by Tempus on July 30, 1997 (later known as the day of the Great Spirit Uprising). Tempus then released the ghosts from the Containment Unit and formed an army that would help him conquer the planet. Luckily, this event was prevented and Tempus was trapped. In mid-November, Janine surprised Egon on his birthday, a reunion with Peter, Ray, and Winston.[8]

Secondary Canon History

IDW Comics

Egon Spengler was primarily driven to his calling in paranormal research by a childhood encounter with a demonic presence known as the Boogieman. He became a gifted theoretical engineer and research scientist with a PhD in both Parapsychology and Applied Physics. Unlike most scientific geniuses, he remained emotionally present.[9]

During the Proteus incident, Peter attempted to bill a civilian named Claudia after they trapped Natasha, a ghost that happened to know her and wanted payback. He waived the usual call fee but Egon interjected and stated they weren't charging her anything since it was an exigent manifestation. The Ghostbusters were accidentally teleported to a parallel dimension instead of Proteus' chosen nexus when Claudia cast a ward of protection on them. Unaware of what happened at first, they thought they were back at the Firehouse and walked in. They saw that the second floor looked totally different and Peter blamed Slimer. Ray noticed Slimer was imprisoned and released him. Egon observed his P.K.E. Meter's readings and noticed Slimer's readings were different. He realized something was wrong. Slimer grabbed Ray by the right arm and tossed him. They scrambled and trapped him. They soon met their counterparts, Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler, and compared notes. Egon was insistent they figure out how to get home. Both Ghostbusters went down to the basement to look at the Interspatial Teleportation Unit. Egon was surprised the unit wasn't used much. Janine Melnitz heard Egon's voice and mistook him for Roger Baugh at first then apologized.

Egon went with Ray and the parallel Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore to the Bronx Zoo to bust the Fairy Poltergeist there. Egon paired off with Winston. They were later called over to the Zoo Center by Peter after the poltergeist entranced Ray. Winston secured Ray while Egon trapped the poltergeist. It seemed familiar to Egon. Back at the Firehouse, Egon realized it was a ghost his team captured previously and he personally placed it in their Containment Unit. He speculated a small dimensional nexus formed inside the unit and led to occasional transference to other dimensions. He agreed to accept the other Ghostbusters' help in identifying which god attacked them. Egon agreed Proteus was the culprit that attacked them based on its hatred of being captured. As the Ghostbusters prepared their technology for the inevitable battle, Egon had to ask his counterpart why he developed the Proton Grenade. Egon simply felt the need for them.

The Egons armed their Proton Grenades and tossed them at Proteus, effectively stunning him. The Ghostbusters caught him in their streams but as a result Proteus had to show them the future eight times. The Ghostbusters were knocked out. Proteus transported his targets to Limbo. As Peter regained consciousness, he chalked up the whole thing to a crazy dream. Egon dashed his hopes and pointed out they were imprisoned. He opened the floor to any suggestions on a method of escape. They realized Janine and Slimer found them. After she freed them, Egon advised everyone to leave the building before Proteus' beams destroyed the Erie. Back at the Firehouse, Egon thanked Janine for her act of bravery in coming to rescue them.

Kylie Griffin came up with an idea to enlist another Egon to read Egon's logbook 2714 since it seemed like he forgot to write several things here and there. Peter, Winston, and Janine used the Interspatial Teleportation Unit to go to the dimension of the Ghostbusters they recently met. Egon agreed to go back with them after a Squisher ghost was captured in Central Park. They returned to their basement to see a Granny Gross ghost. Peter and Winston quickly trapped it. Egon noted it looked familiar. Janine took him upstairs in a hurry to read his counterpart's research and told him to stop scanning everything. After reading the logbook and hearing about the recent encounters overseas, Egon concurred they were being manipulated into finding the Rauoskinna. Kaia May confirmed that was what her employer Erland Vinter was doing on behalf of his master Loftur Þorsteinsson. She gave them a list of possible locations for a key and map to the Rauoskinna and passed along their demands, the book for the restoration of their Egon. Ray, Kylie, and parallel Egon went over the list.

On the flight to Chiloe Island, Egon familiarized himself with the local lore and read several texts, including Tobin's Spirit Guide. He calculated they would find an artifact near the village of Quicavi and assumed they would encounter a warlock known as the Brujo. Just in case they found anything corporeal, he and Ray packed some modified Proton Packs. Egon wore his pack outfitted with the Destabilizer. Using his Ecto Goggles, he confirmed the presence of an Imbunche in the cave they were searching. Egon made sure it was clear he was right then fired the Destabilizer on the Imbunche twice. It fell on Peter. Before Egon could collect a sample of the sputum, the Brujo appeared. Ray came up with a plan on the fly and asked Special Agent Melanie Ortiz to rile it up. Melanie threatened the Brujo and told it Egon was going to eat its soul. The Brujo became enraged and choked him. With the Brujo distracted, Ray salted it. As it recoiled in fear, they trapped it. Egon recalled Brujo were forbidden to eat salt. Ray realized he was right then went and found the key to Gottskalk Nikulausson's tomb.

The Ghostbusters proceeded to Iceland and found Gottskalk Nikulausson's secret tomb about 50 miles from Holar. Gottskalk's ghost and many Ghost Priests refused to turn the Rauoskinna to them. Egon took the moment to clarify what they hoped to accomplish with the book. Peter replied it would simply serve as leverage against Loftur. Since they couldn't risk shooting the book with their throwers, Winston suggested to Egon he should use his Destabilizer. Egon was concerned there was a strong change the energy signature would ignite the paper unless the power was reduced. Ray came to his aid and adjusted it by 30% and Egon successfully knocked the book to the ground. Winston grabbed it but was attacked by the priests as Gottskalk shot at the others. Winston opened his Trap and captured every ghost present, alarming Ray. Egon didn't understand why he was so concerned. Their version of the Trap wasn't equipped to hold that much psychokinetic energy. After Peter untethered the book from Gottskalk, Egon opted to further disrupt him further with a Proton Grenade.

Over the next day and a half, Egon decided to take advantage of the downtime to look over the city's P.K.E. readings to satisfy his fascination with the similarities and differences between their two dimensions. He was amazed the instrument on the roof was only set to register up to Class 7 entities. Winston came up to the roof to get some air. Winston confided in Egon and admitted he thought the last couple of years were crazy because of the escalation of dangers they encountered. Egon shared his belief that challenges increased in order to match their capabilities and to consider otherwise would be to accept stagnation and/or irrelevance. It reminded Winston of his old commanding officer. Egon went on to share his interest in their respective team's first battle with Gozer and if it created a splintered multiverse. Winston wasn't sure anymore if he was trying to make him feel better or give him a migraine. Egon reminded him they led a more extraordinary life than most and that came with extraordinary ups and downs. Winston thanked him for the talk but Egon was oblivious.

After the Ghostbusters and Loftur were accidentally cast into Hell by Jenny Moran, Egon noticed Winston was absent. Peter alluded to Winston's religious faith protecting him. As they deliberated on what to do next, Egon suggested they make some distance from Loftur as Hell's Demons approached them. They made short work of Loftur. Egon didn't think they were in Hell and speculated they were in some form of pocket dimension. The Devil verified they were really in Hell. The Devil decided to let them leave but wouldn't tell them how without a contract. Kylie Griffin relied on lore and proposed they follow the River Styx to its endpoint then enter an ice cavern where they would climb down a giant representation of the Devil. Egon started to regret leaving his dimension to help out. Aibell sensed the Rauoskinna and teleported them to her lair, Craig Liath. Janine was resistant to the idea of turning over the book to her. Egon reminded everyone they had sufficient raw power to fight her. Aibell wasn't interested and restored their Egon to life as a token of good faith. Jenny was too concerned with the book and destroyed it but it cost her her life. Aibell angrily teleported everyone back to Central Park. They watched as Jenny manifested as a ghost. Shortly after, Egon returned to his home dimension.

During some off time, Peter spoke to Egon in the third floor lab. He became tired of Slimer eating his good cheese. Egon was the actual culprit but he went along with Peter's accusation. Peter, however, smelled Gruyere on Egon's breath and was insulted. Jillian Holtzmann's head popped out of a portal behind Egon. Holtzmann noticed his hair style and told him to lose the rat-tail. Egon was naturally confused. Egon helped trap all of Connla's Army on Liberty Island in the prime dimension weeks away from Halloween. He then checked his P.K.E. Meter, along with Abby Yates of Dimension 80-C and Roland Jackson of Dimension 68-E, to verify all the ghosts were captured. Egon Spengler, of the prime dimension, asked the Real Ghostbusters for their help in retrieving ghosts that escaped from the Containment Unit and escaped into the multiverse. All of the teams involved in the operation gathered in the Warehouse. The Extreme Ghostbusters chimed in on the time travel inquiry posed by the 50-S Ghostbusters. Eduardo pointed out the Egon from 68-R was younger than the Egon they knew. Egon, of 68-R, was befuddled and questioned if it was a compliment. The prime dimension Egon needed someone to supervise the 101 pilot team while they made sure the teleportation unit was working and repair it if anything broke. He asked the Egon from Dimension 68-E, the Extreme Ghostbusters' mentor, and he accepted. He arrived at the Warehouse in the prime dimension and greeted everyone.


Egon is the brains of the Ghostbusters. He is of the four Ghostbusters, the most withdrawn of them and focuses on his experiments. On occasion has created a bit of trouble.[10] In most matters, he only engages in the science of it.

Relationship to Others

Ray Stantz

As Ray Stantz is the other technical genius on the team, Egon and Ray frequently create and test out new equipment, as well as discuss paranormal theories origins of ghosts and solutions on how to capture non-standard entities.

Peter Venkman

"You know, we're all descendants from fish. It would be no trouble at all to flip back in time, find the fish you descended from, and stuff it into a Cuisinart." -Egon to Peter

Egon is usually indifferent to Peter Venkman's sarcasm, and is quick to point out flaws in his logic. At times Egon will display mild exasperation at Peter's lack of professionalism when it comes to the field of science, or when Peter gets distracted by a pretty woman. While Peter commonly makes light of Egon's more elaborate scientific terms and social awkwardness, Egon does like him, and the two maintain a solid working relationship despite their differences in personality and scientific approach.

Winston Zeddemore

Winston Zeddemore will generally defer to Egon for solutions to capturing more difficult ghosts, and provides support when enacting plans. Winston normally breaks down Egon's complex technical jargon into more "everyman" terms for the rest of the team.

Janine Melnitz

Egon and Janine Melnitz seem to have always been close to something more than just business. In the Ghostbusters movie there was a few moments that suggested that they may love each other. During most of The Real Ghostbusters the hints were still being thrown around in little parts in the episodes. However, the episode "Janine, You've Changed" finally gave long time fans a bit of payoff, when Egon confessed that he loved her and cared about her. In the NOW comic he admits he has extreme difficulty in articulating his feelings to those he cares about to her.

In Extreme Ghostbusters, the relationship feels much like in The Real Ghostbusters. However, she feels even more like a wife or girlfriend as she cooks for him, always caring for him. When Janine gets kidnapped by the insectoid demon Gregor Samsa (also known as Cohila) to mutate and serve as his queen, Egon displays a notable level of ire in his voice by saying "This time, it's personal!" He helps her regain her human feelings by telling her he loved her. (In an awkward manner)

Louis Tully

The two men rarely spoke maintained long conversations with each other. Having never argued or done much together may suggest that the animated series to avoid the Ghostbusters II issue of Janine and Louis Tully relationship. In the comic based on the cartoon from, Egon DID make a barbed comment to Janine about her having more time to spend with Louis when he was about to leave town on a mission, indicating that he noticed it and was bothered by it on some level. Janine immediately told him that Louis was sweet, but harmless, showing her heart was still with Egon. Otherwise, Egon and Louis in their limited exchanges seem to get along just fine, which would imply Egon is not one to hold a grudge.


No matter when in the show, Egon has always got along surprisingly well with Slimer. Many times Egon used Slimer to test new theories and gadgets. Egon in many ways treated him like a pet, and that was still the case during Extreme Ghostbusters.

Eduardo Rivera

Most of the time, Egon gets along with Eduardo Rivera, however there have been those days that Egon has raised his voice to him in exasperation.

Roland Jackson

Of the four XGBs, Roland Jackson is the one most like Egon and seems to regard him as more of a mentor than Eduardo and Garrett. Both share the same hardcore interest in the more scientific aspects of Ghostbusting.

Garrett Miller

Garrett Miller relies on Egon's "experience, knowledge and wisdom." He feels that Egon is a leader in every sense of the word.

Kylie Griffin

Egon feels that Kylie Griffin is a true paranormal expert. They often talk to one another on the subject. They are on very good terms with one another as Egon serves as her mentor.

Mrs. Spengler

Mrs. Spengler is a very motherly person, as she also treats the other Ghostbusters like her children as well. Janine and her seem to get along pretty good as well. When Egon was a baby, his mother used to call him "Spookums". Egon seems to have inherited his penchant for occasional dry humor and looks from her. She talks by phone with him at least once every six months.


  • In animation, Egon underwent a greater change in likeness. He was made a blonde instead of a brunette, and his glasses were red.
  • Egon was born in November 1957 the week before Thanksgiving.[11][12]
  • In addition to a hardback version, Egon owns a paperback copy of "Tobin's Spirit Guide" which he is shown to bring with him on many assignments. By "Extreme Ghostbusters," Egon had also written his own book: Spengler's Spirit Guide and had transcribed it onto CD Rom.
  • Egon asserts scientists and scholars are said to run in his family, not Ghostbusters.[13] However, another ancestor named Eli Spengler later proved to be such. There has also been a wizard, but he is generally never talked about and looked down upon as a crackpot. All his ancestors are shown to resemble him facially, have blonde hair and glasses. Curiously enough, Egon's ancestor Eli during the Salem witch trials is also shown to have Egon's pompadour and rat tail hairstyle. All of Egon's shown relatives wear glasses.
  • It is also a tradition among Spengler males to repress their emotions and focus on everything in a detachment, scientific manner. This explains why he tends not to be reciprocal to Janine's affections for the most part. But he HAS shown signs that she has taken some claim to his heart. Faint displays of jealousy, disappointment, relief, remorse and even mild pleasure have been displayed by him in matters regarding her. He even admits to her in the comic that he isn't very good at dealing with people he cares about. Egon even said words to the effect that he would not be adverse to the idea of a kiss from her when he got back. He even willingly had dinner with her family
  • Egon knows at least four other languages, Sumerian, Sign Language, Russian, and Japanese.[14]
    • In the February 26, 1986 first draft of the "Knock, Knock" script, Egon instead admitted he can't read Sumerian, ancient Egyptian, Greek, Indian and Swedish).[15]
  • When Egon was a baby, his mother used to call him "Spookums".[16] His mother makes a couple appearances on the show. Egon seems to have inherited his penchant for occasional dry humor from her.
  • While it isn't outright stated, it seems likely that Egon has a Jewish family background, although he isn't particularly devout regarding it. His name is a Jewish last name and even his mother even shows elements of a stereotypical Jewish mother.
  • Egon almost always wears an old-fashioned nightshirt and cap when sleeping. On one occasion he was seen brushing his teeth wearing normal pajamas with molecule chains printed on it.
  • Egon's voice changes throughout the season going from deep pitch to match Harold Ramis's voice then changing to higher pitching tone. Until Extreme Ghostbusters sounding slightly more like his early season voice.
  • Egon can communicate in Troll language with a Tobin's Spirit Guide present.[17]
  • Egon revealed he met the Boogieman when he was a child. The Boogieman was the reason he started investigating the supernatural, in order to find a way to stop him.[18]
  • Egon knows sign language.[19]
  • Egon has an uncle named Dr. Cyrus Spengler who lives in the Midwest and runs Spengler Laboratories.[20][21]
  • Egon revealed he knew a guy at the University who did a study on the dynamics of the curve ball.[22]
  • Egon's favorite soup is chicken soup with mushrooms.[23]
  • Egon's favorite color is pea soup green.[24]
  • Egon named his one of his computers "Marsha." [25][26]
  • Egon played with a chemistry set during his childhood.[27]
  • Egon always wanted to be on the cover of a Spooks Illustrated issue.[28]
  • Egon mentioned his home once.[29]
  • During the Murray the Mantis incident, Egon joked about having unpaid parking tickets as police officers grabbed him.[30]
  • Egon Spengler reveals he got a college degree when he was in grade school.[31][32]
    • It's also been inferred that he originally met Ray and Peter in college as an instructor. [citation needed]
  • As a child, Egon had the largest ant farm in the state of Ohio.[33]
  • Winston revealed Egon once insulted Janine and she quit. [34]
  • Egon considers filing fungus samples a vacation.[35]
  • Egon confesses he once got an A- in college and his parents wouldn't talk to him for a week.[36]
    • This implied his parents were really staunch perfectionists. The only other thing known about Egon's father is that he has a brother, Cyrus.
  • While in Slimer's body during the Master of Shadows incident, Egon noted everything tasted like chicken. [37]
  • The Werechicken egg is the second largest egg Egon has seen.[38]
  • Egon got a microscope for his third birthday.[39]
  • In "The Haunting of Heck House," Egon shows a strong dislike of Book Bats and other such phenomena due to the incident in the New York City Public Library during their first case. Before the ghosts of Heck House barely levitate a book off of a shelf, Egon harshly scolded them and the book quickly slid back into its place on the shelf. [citation needed]
  • Egon's great-great-great grandfather was named Eli Spengler. Eli was a Pilgrim who helped imprison the demoness Kestrel and save Lewiston.[40]
  • Egon was once tricked into thinking he won Columbia University's annual scientific achievement award.[41]
  • Egon has some medical training but mostly in first aid.[42][43]
  • At Ghostworld, Egon threatened not call his mother in six months if she didn't leave and go back to the Firehouse where it was safe.[44]
  • Egon has a spare set of glasses in Janine's desk drawer.[45]
  • When Egon was 5 years old, his mother threw out a picture of Socrates. Peter thought it was a picture of Albert Einstein he drew when he was 12 years old.[46][47]
  • For Lawrence Tully's birthday party at the Firehouse, Egon displayed skill at making balloon animals.
  • Egon notes that he appreciates the talents of actress Michelle Pfeiffer by whistling.[48][49]
  • While half-sleep, Egon once told someone their hair would grow back during one of his experiments.[50]
  • When the concept of Extreme Ghostbusters was still in its formative stage, Fil Barlow's initial design of Egon had him as an ambassador to the ghost realm who was trying to stop an impending war on the other side demons and ghosts (but hell was considered a bad idea for a children's show and was changed to a war between ghosts and ghouls). Barlow liked the idea of the new team entering an abandoned Firehouse and Egon appearing out of thin air in his ambassador garb murmuring in an ancient ghost language. He had spent so long on the other side he was barely able to speak English.[51]
  • Egon's ponytail was a hold out to Fil Barlow's initial design.[52]
  • Egon wrote Spengler's Spirit Guide by the time of Extreme Ghostbusters, but it appears to borrow a lot from Tobin's Spirit Guide.
  • Egon only had two students take his course last semester in 1996.[53]
  • Egon gets nosebleeds when he's underground.[54]
  • Egon refers to and quotes Peter Venkman, "We zap him and trap him" in "Casting the Runes" [55]
  • Egon used to work with Edward Kirilian at New York State University until Kirilian proposed using ghosts as slave labor.[56]
  • Egon and Ray Stantz were kicked out of the New York State University in 1982 for trying to reanimate the dead.[57]
  • Egon was a member of Mensa until he was kicked out after being disbarred by the American Science Association.[58]
  • Egon was never big on surprises.[59]
  • Egon uses the word "nifty" only when he feels perky.[60]
  • In Ghostbusters Issue #2 page 19, Baby Egon from "Three Men and an Egon" appears to the right of Jacquelyn and Zac.
  • Egon appears on the RI cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #8.
  • On the subscription cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #16, Egon makes a non-canon cameo.
  • On the subscription cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #18, Egon makes a non-canon cameo.
  • Erik Burnham had the return of Egon in Ghostbusters International planned since around February 2016.[61]
  • On page 15 of Ghostbusters International #10, Egon admitted he missed teaching and mused he might return to it someday, a nod to becoming a professor by the time of Extreme Ghostbusters.
  • On page 5 of Ghostbusters 101 #2, Erin Gilbert imagines Kevin Beckman with the hair of Egon.
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #5, near Walter Peck is the Extreme Ghostbusters version of Egon.
  • Egon, from The Real Ghostbusters, appears on Cover A of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2 aboard Ecto-2.
  • Egon, from Extreme Ghostbusters, appears on Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2.
  • On page 21 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2, Egon's file photo is from "Bustman's Holiday" before he gives the thumb's up at the end.
  • On May 10, 2018, Egon was mentioned on the 24th Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card which featured the Extreme Ghostbusters.[62]
  • Egon was mentioned in Kylie's bio in Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card #31, released on June 5, 2018.[63]
  • Egon was mentioned in the Groovy Doom Dimension bio in the 40th Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card, released on July 5, 2018. It also revealed he developed a hair gel with a near ironlike resiliency invented to defend against frequent sliming.[64]


Primary Canon

The Real Ghostbusters


Extreme Ghostbusters

Secondary Canon

NOW Comics Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II

The Real Ghostbusters Magazine

IDW Comics


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