Elaine is a psychic who appeared on an episode of "The World of the Psychic" with Milton Angland just before Peter Venkman, the host, went back to active ghostbusting.


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Ghostbusters IIEdit

While Elaine had a drink at the bar in the Paramus Holiday Inn, the alien approached her and talked to her. The alien bought her a drink. Elaine then speculated the alien used some kind of a ray or a mind control device, then forced her to follow him to his room. Once in the room, the alien told Elaine about the end of the world. Elaine conceded the room might have been a room on the alien's spacecraft made up to look like a room at the Holiday Inn.

After the incident, Elaine told her husband about it. She later appeared on an episode of "The World of the Psychic," and presented her prediction the end of the world would take place on February 14, 2016. She claimed this information was relayed to her by an alien and retold the story of the encounter. Peter Venkman was skeptical to say the least.

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IDW ComicsEdit

Elaine appeared on Episode 32 of "The World of the Psychic" and told Peter about her prediction of the end of the world on February 14, 2016. Around the time when some of the Ghostbusters were on assignment in Venice, Egon Spengler was unable to locate a copy of "The Johansen Argument" at the New York City Public Library. As he was leaving, Egon called up Ray's Occult Books. Elaine happened to be walking past the library steps.


  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, page 6, Elaine appears on The World of the Psychic but as one of three women who claim to have had sexual relations with an alien. [1]
  • Chloe Webb, the actress who portrays Elaine, appeared on the Ivan Reitman movie "Twins" in 1988 before her uncredited role on Ghostbusters II.
  • In NOW Comics The Real Ghostbusters starring in Ghostbusters II part 1 she is depicted looking like a nerd with red hair and square glasses.


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Ghostbusters II

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Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II

IDW Comics


  1. Aykroyd, Dan & Ramis, Harold (1988). Ghostbusters II (August 5, 1988 Draft) (Script p. 6). Peter Venkman says: "Hi, we're back, I'm Peter Venkman and I'm chatting with three lovely ladies tonight, each of whom claims to have had sexual relations with alien beings. Now without getting into any of the gory details, let me ask you, Elaine, did you maybe do something, or were you wearing anything that might have given your alien the idea that you were--you know--available or interested?"


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