The Electrokinetic Modified Ghost is a ghost that has been scientifically modified by the Ghostbusters.


The Ghostbusters took a captured ghost and confined it in a trap modified to change its structure. [1] They left it in a Trap on the second floor. Ray Stantz left a 'Do not touch' note on the trap to prevent an accidental release. While they were out, the Lone Gunmen conducted their own investigation and Frohike ignored the note. The ghost was released. The Ghostbusters and Lone Gunmen split up into groups and searched the Firehouse. Winston Zeddemore, Ray, and Ringo located it in the sleeping quarters but Ringo was hit with an electronic discharge. As it powered up to shoot another discharge, Peter Venkman sneaked up and trapped it.


The ghost exhibited advanced telekinetic control, partial shape shifting, and electronic discharge.


The ghost is a Class 5. [2]



IDW Comics


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