Not to be confused with Sub-etheric Multichannel Differential Analyzer from The Real Ghostbusters

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The Electromagnetic Pulse Emitter is a device built to sever the bonds that allow Chi-You to control his thralls.


During a cross country series of cases, the Ghostbusters took several pieces of equipment with them on the Ecto-2. One of them was the emitter. It was brought outside during initial scans in Roswell and but not used. A few years later, Donatello, Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler came into an agreement that a low-voltage pulse rather than a Proton Stream would interrupt the connection between Chi-You and his thralls by changing the rhythm. They modified several Arm Mounted Proton Packs with hand attachments. In the field, it was proven that zapping each thrall one at a time was too difficult. Donatello proposed a nuclear option like an electromagnetic pulse.

Ray went to the R&D Laboratory on the second floor to rig such a device with April O'Neil and Kylie Griffin. After several hours, they connected it on the first try. Ray did some fine tuning and with Kylie's guidance, calibrated it. April reconnected the power but Chi-You intervened and prevented them from triggering the Emitter. Casey Jones stepped in and set off the pulse. The thralls were restored to normal and Chi-You discovered his ability to enthrall was negated.



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