Electroshock Construct is the boss of Level 2: Asylum Brawl and exclusively manifests at the Parkview Psychiatric Hospital.


Sanctum of Slime

The Electroshock Construct is a composite of several medical tools and furniture in the Parkview Psychiatric Hospital. One of Parkview's doctors, likely possessed, is also attached to the Construct. When the Ghostbusters junior team reaches the end of the Parkview, the Construct animates and attacks. It shoots a laser in a concentric pattern and emits a powerful shockwave. To avoid the attacks, it is best to keep a safe distance and keep moving. After a combination of attacks from the Proton Beam and Fermion Shock, the entity is then trapped. However, the team must fight it again when they return to Parkview to find Dr. Tesmon.

IDW Comics

Upon the Ghostbusters return home from Collectors' Limbo, they drove to the Parkview Psychiatric Hospital at Kylie Griffin's behest. Janine Melnitz and Peter Venkman searched a room containing the dormant Electroshock Construct. They were attacked by one of The Collectors.

Manifestation Points


Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

IDW Comics


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