Eli Spengler[1] is the legendary hero of Lewiston credited with driving witchcraft out of the village sometime in the 15th century.


When Lewiston was plagued by Kestrel, Eli Spengler and other Pilgrims banded together to defeat the Witch once and for all. They imprisoned her and her Goblins in a Containment Rock Crystal. Eli became a famous hero and tales of his exploits were passed down from generation to generation. A statue was made in his honor and stands in central square of Lewiston. Eli's great grand-daughter told to the tale of Eli imprisoning Ketrel to her grandson Egon Spengler, but he didn't believe it.[2] Decades later, the Ghostbusters came upon the statue and confirmed Grandma Spengler's story to be true.


  • Eli is the great-great-great grandfather of Egon Spengler.
  • Eli improbably has the exact same haircut his descendant Egon will have centuries later.
  • The name Eli means "ascend" or "uplifted." Eli appears in the Bible as a High Priest, and the last of the judges in the days of Samuel (1-Samuel ch. 1). Like Zedekiah Spengler, the name reinforces the premise that the Spengler family is of a Jewish background.


The Real Ghostbusters


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