Elwin Spalding[2] was the ghost of a mischievous student and leader of The Fraternity of the Dead, a New York college's most notorious fraternity.


Elwin Spalding never studied and only engaged in pranks and parties. One day, he and his fraternity stole the answers to a final exam. They were caught and expelled, but Spalding promised that he would get even. The college was later attended by Peter Venkman. He also joined another fraternity on campus called Tri Kuppa Bro.

50 years after the expulsion, Tri Kuppa Bro moved into the building formerly occupied by Spalding's fraternity. This triggered the manifestation of their ghosts. At first, Spalding and co. pulled off pranks in the frat house but spread across campus from transforming a goldfish into a monster, starting up mischief in the cafeteria, and raiding the girls' dormitories. Tri Kuppa Bro vowed to clear their name and sought out the Ghostbusters' help. The Ghostbusters eventually managed to bust the ghosts by giving them a chance to graduate and trapping them when it came time for taking a photograph. The team disguised a Particle Thrower in a camera and used a Ghost Trap to capture them on cue.


Other than the traditional ghostly powers of flight and intangibility, Elwin Spalding was able to turn living beings into a large, monstrous version of themselves. He turned a goldfish, as shown in a prank where he had a giant goldfish swallow some students at the college, and a fungus, during a Biology course, into giant monsters.


As one might expect from a college dropout, Elwin isn't very smart.



The Real Ghostbusters


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