Emma Vieceli, is a British comic book artist and writer based in Cambridge who has contributed to IDW Comics.


Emma Vieceli is an artist-for-hire and self-publishes. She has worked on "Doctor Who" for Titan comics, the New York Times-bestselling "Vampire Academy" graphic novel series for Penguin Random House, "Back to the Future" and "Jem & the Holograms" for IDW, "Avalon Chronicles" for Oni Press, the critically acclaimed independent web series, "BREAKS" with co-creator Malin Ryden, Manga Shakespeare Collections for Self Made Hero, the "Alex Rider" series for Walker books, "The Adventures of Supergirl" for DC comics, "Young Avengers" for Marvel, and "Dead Boy Detectives" for Vertigo. She has worked with publishers such as Penguin Random House, Walker Books, Oni Press, SelfMadeHero, David Fickling Books, Future Publishing, Marvel, Image, Sweatdrop, Hasbro Jungle, Tokyopop, IDW, and Titan. Vieceli also worked on the A&E television series, "Bates Motel" and provided the sketchbook found by Norman Bates. She is a member of the UK comics group and small publisher, Sweatdrop studios. [1]

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Emma Vieceli has done pencils for the covers:

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  1. Emma Vieceli Workblog About page
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