The Empire State Building [1] is is a famous 102-story skyscraper in New York City at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street.


After Jillian Holtzmann separated Doctor Kruger from Abby Yates, Kruger escaped from the Firehouse. The Ghostbusters ran to the roof and realized he flew to the Empire State Building and began to draw energy from the entire city with his ability. The NYCN reported on the supernatural disturbance at the Empire State Building and simply called it the "Empire Crisis." They begged the question of where were the Ghostbusters. At 10:31 am, the channel's live coverage continued. After a 39 minute drive, the Ghostbusters arrived at the Empire State Building to confront Kruger again and ascertain more data in order for Holtzmann to properly construct an effective weapon. They switched their Proton Packs to full power and entered the lobby. Kruger found them ambitious and naively optimistic for trying to face off against him a second time. They opened fire and wrangled him but he was being powered by multiple streams of an unidentified energy. Kruger clothes-lined them with thick extended fingernails and sent them into individual fear dimensions. Their bodies lay on the floor of the lobby in a catatonic state. He exploited their fears and mused it wouldn't be long before he could trap them and the rest of New York City in their nightmares forever. Eventually, Kruger released them. They sulked at Betty's Diner in Midtown Manhattan.

After research and development with the Dream Machine, they formed a plan and returned to the Empire State Building. Kruger had a steady stream of nightmares pouring in from all over the city powering him up and vowed nothing could stop him from merging the Nightmare-Scape with the real world. The Ghostbusters reunited in the shared memory of St. Paul's Chapel in the Nightmare-Scape and opened fire on Kruger. With no fear to feed on from the united team, Kruger was weakened and they were blown back to the real world. Kruger refused to give up and pointed he could tap into dreams of others and regain his energy and more. He mocked them for forgetting how weak they would be from leaving the Nightmare-Scape. They didn't. Kevin Beckman ambushed Kruger with his own Proton Pack and he was captured with a JH Modified Trap.

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