Engine Company 93[2] is a U.S. fire department unit stationed in Manhattan with the primary responsibilities of supplying water to an assigned scene and to then locate, confine, and extinguish the fire.


On April 10, 1959, Engine Company 93 was given the unusual task of dealing with bizarre ghost sightings in New York City. After about an hour, they returned to the Firehouse and met the Ghostbusters, disguised as department observers. Soon enough another call came in. Together, they headed out and found the hole in the fabric of time. They used water to push back the Ghost Invaders but were nearly defeated by a Demon Invader. Egon Spengler recharged a Trap off the company's truck's power generator and recreated the accident that transported the Ghostbusters to the present. The hole was sealed and the Ghostbusters vanished. The company were declared heroes for stopping the ghost invasion. In their honor, decades later, the Firehouse was declared a historical monument.[3][4]


The Real Ghostbusters


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