The Episode 11 Guest is an alleged psychic who claims to know how aliens plan to take over the world.


A man was a guest on episode 11 of The World of the Psychic with Peter Venkman. He stood up on his chair with his rear facing the camera. He shared a conspiracy theory that aliens implanted a device in it that documented their plans for the eventual over throw of Earth by the way of the fast food industry. He attempted to activate the device supposedly implanted in his butt. [1] Peter commented he activated 'something.'


IDW Comics


  1. Episode 11 Guest (2015). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Annual 2015" (2015) (Comic p.40). Guest says: "Instead of a tracking chip, the aliens, implanted a device documenting their plans for the eventual overthrow of Earth by the way of the fast food industry."
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