The Erie [1] is a building used as a base by the primal god Proteus.


Primary CanonEdit

The Erie is a 26 floor building located in midtown Manhattan. [2] [3] In the mid-1980s, Proteus occupied an unmarked 13th floor and made it into his realm. The floor was set up as an office called "Proteus Unlimited" complete with a demonic secretary. Janine Melnitz discovered the 13th floor by engaging the emergency stop button when the elevator was between the 12th and 14th floor.

Janine and Slimer blasted their way into Proteus' boardroom and found the Ghostbusters trapped behind a mirror in a state of eternal Limbo. Unable to wrangle Proteus, Janine turned her Particle Thrower on the mirror and freed the Ghostbusters. Proteus was weakened and his beam attack began to overload. The Ghostbusters, Janine, and Slimer evacuated down the fire escape. The 13th floor and most of the floors near it blew up.

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW ComicsEdit

Frustrated with the Ghostbusters' disappearance, Proteus returned to the Eerie and had the Dark Entity search instead. He failed. Proteus was not pleased suffice to say. He carved a symbol into one of the mirrors in the board room and summoned Ananke for an audience. Ananke was intrigued Proteus was asking for help. She warned Proteus his fate was linked with the Ghostbusters, told him they were in New York and alluded to the nature of multiple universes. Proteus returned to the Erie after numerous failed attempts to find the Ghostbusters he wanted. Not keen on eternally blindly hunting for them, Proteus created an entity to do so for him. He gave his commands to the Cerberus Manifestation. It leaped into a mirror portal and began its search. Proteus eventually found the Ghostbusters and imprisoned them in the Erie. However, Janine and Slimer found the Erie and freed them which led to the building getting blown up.



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The Real Ghostbusters

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IDW Comics


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