Erin's Apartment is Erin Gilbert's home in 2016 movie.


After the Ghostbusters were again deemed frauds by the Mayor's Office after the first incident at The Mercado Hotel and news broke about a fight with Blogger Chris Gethard, Erin went back to her apartment rather than get something to eat with the others. Erin sat down on her bed in a lavender robe. She picked up Rowan North's copy of Ghosts from Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal and flipped through the pages until she saw some handwriting "Research Notes" with drawings of a cube and notes. She flipped and found a drawing of Gertrude Aldridge and Rowan's technology. She continued and found drawings of Rowan as a giant rampaging in the city. There was even a drawing of him killing himself like he did earlier then a drawing of him grabbing people and full page spread drawing of people on a roof top bowing to him. Words read "The Fourth Cataclysm" and "I Will Lead Them All" were also written on the pages. She called the Ghostbusters' First Headquarters but got the answering machine. She pleaded for someone to pick the phone up or call her as soon as possible. She relayed her discovered that Rowan killed himself as the next step in his plan. Erin keyed towards the news on her TV. The news ticker read, "Mayor hosts diplomats." NY1 News Anchor #2, Cheryl Willis, reported Mayor Bradley was currently meeting with the diplomats at Lotus Leaf. Erin got an idea, got dressed, and went to the restaurant to warn Bradley.


  • Erin's apartment was filmed at a co-op built in the 1920s at 310 West 106th Street in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
    • Filming was done at the building in March 2016.[1]


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