Ern's Golf Crew is a golfing party consisting of a man named Ern, two friends, and their caddy in the Answer the Call universe. [1]


Ern, two of his friends and their caddy played around Stryker Beach Golf Course. Ern took a swing but his ball stopped in mid-air and glowed red. One of Ern's friends quickly stated no mulligans. A ghost manifested holding a club and ball. Suddenly, several golf balls rained down on the crew. Unwilling to lose their tee time, they called the Ghostbusters. Abby Yates, Patty Tolan, and Jillian Holtzmann arrived and only neutralized the ghost.


  • The caddie is visually based on Danny Noonan from "Caddyshack".
  • The golfer who took a swing is visually based on Lou Loomis from "Caddyshack". He was portrayed by Brian Doyle-Murray.
  • The other two golfers are visually based on the Bishop and Dr. Beeper from "Caddyshack".


IDW Comics


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