Esme Torres [1] is the ghost of a former teacher in Cayey, Puerto Rico.


In the late 1970s, Esme Torres committed suicide after a long bout with depression and a few months teaching a "particularly boisterous class." A few decades later, for several weeks, the ghost of Esme Torres manifested on the outskirts of Cayey near rivers and forests. [2] It was as quiet as the town's resident ghosts at first but word of the new ghost spread through the college town. The students went out in droves to look for it just for the thrill. Torres didn't take well to the attention and became violently aggressive towards young adults. [3] Torres didn't hunt them down but attacked when she was approached. One night, a local named Nondo egged on his friend Miguel Castillo to seek out the ghost after he heard a rumor it was manifesting near the apartments on Flamboyan Street. [4] Miguel, Nondo, and Gen went to Flamboyan and encountered a a growling ghost dog trying to warn them but they ran right into Torres. [5] [6] [7] She tried to grab Miguel but he ran in a panic right into a car. The driver called for an ambulance. Miguel suffered head trauma and was taken to a hospital.

The FBI requested Special Agent Melanie Ortiz' help investigating the situation. [8] Around the time the Ghostbusters, Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore, were away on a case in Paris, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz was in New York City while between her own investigations and helped to help Janine Melnitz on the local workload. However, Melanie had to cut her stay short because of the Cayey case. Melanie asked Janine for back up to her delight. Melanie asked Kylie Griffin and Egon Spengler during a bust.

On May 12, Melanie, Egon, and Kylie investigated the case in Cayey. After Melanie spoke with Miguel, she learned of the woman in white and a Ghost Dog. Kylie suggested La Llorona from Mexican myth but Egon brought up how the Weeping Woman in White had its roots around the world like Eastern Europe. He even brought up the Weeping Woman in White in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany as a point of comparison and also mentioned Banshees and Lamia. [9] Melanie didn't like the implication of cultural appropriation but Egon stated he meant that the world has many myths to explain the same type of manifestation much like the different myths surrounding the Bogeyman. They mistook the Ghost Dog as a subservient secondary manifestation conjured by Torres. They suited up and began searching all locations where the ghost was reported to have been seen. A few hours later, give or take, they had finished going through 99% of the manifestation points and never encountered Torres. Kylie suddenly got an active reading near a small body of water. Torres warped Kylie's reflection on the surface and she dragged Kylie underwater with the intent to drown her. Throwing caution to the wind, Kylie opened fire underwater and Torres fled into the jungle. She possessed the earth and manipulated it into a new physical form, a giant arm and hand. It grabbed Kylie again. She reached for her Trap release. However, the interference from the earth allowed Torres to avoid capture. She emerged from the earth but was wrangled by Melanie and Egon. Egon noted she was almost powerful enough to break free, likely in part to his Arm Mounted Proton Pack's weaker output. Nonetheless, Egon threw out a Trap and captured her. Melanie and Egon pulled Kylie from the debris.

In total, twenty square feet of woodland was disturbed by Torres from manipulating it into a physical form. Melanie, Egon, and Kylie sought out the Ghost Dog and realized it was independent to Torres and was manifesting in order to warn people about her presence. It was harmless and Kylie was able to even pet it. It did growl at the Trap holding Torres. They decided the Ghost Dog would not be trapped. Melanie field a general exemption (form SL-1) on its behalf. [10] After Kylie returned to New York City, she performed follow up research and identified the ghost as Esme Torres. After two days, Melanie gave the all clear and debriefed Special Agent Santos at the San Juan field office.


Esme Torres expressed a violent temperament in the presence of young adults.


Esme Torres initially manifested as a woman in white. While fighting the Ghostbusters, she appeared as a green woman with red hair and eyes.


Esme Torres had the abilities of a standard ghost like levitation. It was able to possess the elements like water and earth then manipulated them into a physical form of her choosing, primarily as hands to grab with.


Esme Torres is a Class 4 Aggressive Manifestation and registered a P.K.E. reading of 001221.34 on the high spectrum.


  • Esme Torres was originally from San Juan.


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