Extreme Ghostbusters Credits for the one Season. Other than the Region 2 DVDs, there has been no release of Extreme Ghostbusters on DVD. Unlike The Real Ghostbusters and Slimer!, the credits were updated per episode. However, some feedback from talent and crew might be noted as well.

Imagery in Credits

There are a number of sketches of ghosts that appear during the credits. A list of them is below.


Unlike The Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters properly accredits crew per episode. Previous series Real Ghostbusters accredited all for the season for each episode.

The music/noises in the Credits was originally of spook noises and a subtle but ominous sounding music. Episode "Moby Ghost" it changes over to a different verse in the Ghostbusters Theme. First 25 episodes have the first music and the remaining 15 use the second music.

Typed Credits

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Missing/Mistakes in Credits

  • Disney re-ran the series edited. The edits effected the credits in the beginning of the episodes. Known lost credits:
    • Written By: Greg Pincus (17) [1]
    • Producer: Duane Capizzi (24),[2] which was changed to Produced By: Audu Paden [3]
  • The credits incorrectly accredited Twice:
    • Timing Directors credit in episode 27 is repeated for Jerilyn Mettlin[4]
    • Timing Directors credit in episode 27 is repeated for Fred Miller[5]


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  1. Written By Greg Pincus
  2. Producer Duane Capizzi
  3. Produced By Audu Paden
  4. Repeated Timing Directors credits
  5. Repeated Timing Directors credits


Credits in General

The Credits seen here are of episode "Back in the Saddle, Part 2" when it aired on BKN syndication.

Credits for Voice Actors

The Credits seen here are of episodes as they aired on Toon Disney.

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