The Fairlawn Mansion [1] is a 42 room Victorian style mansion currently serving as a public museum.


The Fairlawn Mansion was haunted by the ghost of a servant girl frequently manifested in limited periods of time. She would assist patrons like an employee, telling them where the bathroom was, making sure lost children found their parents, and occasionally tidying up. The mansion was investigated by Special Agent Melanie Ortiz and deemed of low-risk to the general public. It was believed the servant girl was murdered by her husband and she manifested at the mansion where she was happiest in life. The ghost of her husband was unable to fully manifest since the girl was bonded to the mansion. He relocated the mansion six miles from Superior, Wisconsin to Duluth, Minnesota overnight. The husband manifested as the Skinless Man. The Minneapolis FBI Field Office notified Special Agent Ortiz. The preliminary investigation was bypassed and she contracted Lou Kamaka and Ron Alexander for back up on December 1. While the exterior was a few degrees above zero, the inside of the mansion was even colder. In addition, the inside of the mansion was bathed in a greenlight and the P.K.E. readings were high and erratic.

A second P.K.E. reading was detected. Lou suggested a benign ghost was being targeted by a malignant one like a case the Chicago Ghostbusters took up at the Trask Hotel. The cold intensified as they continued through the mansion. They headed upstairs and confirmed the stronger of the two readings was the malignant ghost, the Skinless Man. They observed him strangling the ghost of the servant girl. Ron began to insult the Skinless Man and it attempted to strangle him instead. Ron managed to open his Trap and capture it. The girl nodded he was her husband and whispered a thank you then vanished. Kylie Griffin conducted research on the mansion for Melanie. Over the next few weeks, the mansion was disassembled and manually moved back to Superior. Cosmetic damage was done to Duluth's Bayfront Festival Park by the mansion's sudden arrival. On the day the museum reopened, the ghost of the servant girl was reported to be seen again and as helpful as ever.


  • The Fairlawn Mansion is an actual landmark in Superior, Wisconsin at 906 East 2nd Street that is a public museum. The ghost of the servant girl, the cold chill, her suspected murder and reason for returning are part of the mansion's lore.


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  1. Spectral Incident Report (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #11" (2016) (Comic p.23). Spectral Incident Report reads: "This manifestation actually involves both Duluth and its sister city, Superior, Wisconsin - site of Fairlawn Mansion, a previously investigated site deemed of low-risk to the general public."
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