Fairweather[2] was the ghost that "assisted" Dr. Crowley in eliminating Halloween.


Following the Halloween Deal and the imprisonment of Boogaloo and his most dangerous demons, one of Boogaloo's loyal disciples vowed to find a way to release him.[3]

2000 years later, the disciple found a mortal who could open the portal that imprisoned his master. The mortal was named Dr. Crowley who was obsessed with his hatred of lots of stuff, including Halloween. The disciple took a human form, went by the name of Fairweather, and became employed as Crowley's assistant. Together, they worked to get rid of Halloween once and for all and constructed the Electronic Positronic Anti-Halloween Machine. The device was almost complete and only required a P.K.E. Meter to focus it.[4]

The Ghostbusters refused to help Crowley get rid of Halloween, but while they were distracted, Fairweather stole a P.K.E. Meter. Crowley played right into Fairweather's plan and activated the machine. By erasing all traces of Halloween, the machine breached the Halloween Deal which resulted in the opening of the Halloween Door for Boogaloo and his demons. Fairweather then gloated and revealed his true form to Crowley. He wasn't seen again after his humanoid disguise was removed, but it was possible that when Boogaloo and his forces returned to the Netherworld, he was taken with them.


Fairweather resembles a composite creature similar to the Sphinx. Fairweather has the head of a dog, what appears to be a body of an armadillo, insectoid legs, and one arm is a tentacle.


Fairweather is a liar and a thief. But he is obedient to his master, Boogaloo, and enjoys what he does.



The Real Ghostbusters


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