The Fairy Poltergeist was a poltergeist capable of hypnotizing living beings. [1]


The Fairy Poltergeist was part of the ghosts that ran rampant in New York City during the Proteus incident. At some point, it was captured by the Ghostbusters and Egon Spengler deposited into the Containment Unit. [2] [3] Due to the large amount of psychokinetic matter stored in the unit, a small dimensional nexus manifested within the containment universe. [4] [5] The poltergeist encountered this nexus.

The poltergeist found itself displaced to another dimension in another New York City. It haunted the Bronx Zoo and brought several animals under its hypnosis. Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore responded to the ensuing call along with the parallel Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler. Ray heard a sound he described as a "tinkling" and went into a trance state. He marched towards the poltergeist. It shifted to its true form but Peter wrangled it in a stream. Winston tackled Ray before he walked into the stream and Egon trapped the poltergeist. Ray returned to normal but with his mind scrambled, like a ball of steel wool stuck in the middle of his brain. Egon had a nagging feeling that the ghost was familiar to him. They returned to the Firehouse and placed it into the Paranormal Containment Research Tank with Slimer for observation. Egon realized it was from his home dimension and his team had just captured it.


The Fairy Poltergeist has the standard ability of flight. It can mask its true form as that of a human looking fairy. Its unique ability is to emit a sound that can place most living beings into a hypnotic state. Victims are compelled to make their way straight to the poltergeist with no regard to their own personal safety.



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