Fire Chief Bales is the chief of the Seattle Fire Department.


A few days after a Pequod's in Seattle was set on fire by Dante Barnes, Fire Chief Bales went over the scene with the Ghostbusters. He recounted there were no accelerants found nor no obvious point of origin were found but was keen on denying spontaneous combustion. He didn't care for the idea of fire getting any more unpredictable that it already was. Once Egon Spengler announced the trace P.K.E. levels present would have taken years to build up, the chief recalled the building was a club once and it was renovated two to three times but was quick to remind the guys Barnes died in the open air. He then tipped them off to go speak with DJ Fever at KBIB, who used to be a drummer in Barnes' band.


  • The fire chief is visually based on the character Charlie "C.D." Bales, portrayed by Steve Martin, in the movie "Roxanne." Bales was the fire chief of a small American town in the Pacific Northwest.
  • On the Subscription cover variant for Volume 2 Issue #1, the chief's photo is on the left of Janine Melnitz.


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