Not to be confused with Fire Commissioner from Ghostbusters II

The Fire Commissioner[1] (also known as Fire Captain)[2] is the civilian administrator of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) as of 1984


Primary Canon


During the Gozer incident, the Fire Commissioner was called to Mayor Lenny's office. He seemed deeply concerned by the events that took place when the Containment Unit was opened by Walter Peck. He knew the shutdown was no ordinary light show. In his career, he saw every kind of combustion known to man and didn't know what to make of Gozer's impending arrival. When Winston Zeddemore spoke before the Mayor, the Fire Commissioner had the most visible reaction to "shit that would turn you white."

Secondary Canon History

Ghostbusters II (Deleted scenes)

When the Ghostbusters had arrived on the scene, he and the crew had been drilling for three hours. He noted to the Ghostbusters that the Titanic had arrived last night among other things. He was later seen in the crowd at the museum.



Primary Canon

Secondary Canon


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Primary Canon

Secondary Canon

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