Fire Flies[2] are fire-based entities with the power to breath fire. They appear to work with Trolls to some degree. They are not to be confused with real-life fireflies.


When a nest of Trolls were unable to locate their missing brethren, the leader issued an ultimatum to the humans; find the Troll in 12 hours or they will send in the Fire Flies.


The Fire Fly has the physical appearance of a giant bird-like insect with talons for feet and a beak-like mouth. When they are at the height of their power, the Fire Fly has an aura of fire.


The Fire Fly's main offensive measure is pyrokinesis, the ability to project fire. Their aura also acts like a shield against the Ghostbusters' Particle Throwers.

Luckily, the Fire Fly has an elemental weakness against water. When doused in it, the Fire Flies' size drastically contracts and they become diminutive little creatures. In this state, they are vulnerable to Proton Streams.



The Real Ghostbusters


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